About Meerkat

Meerkat began as a side project in early 2018 when migrating the https://stillat.com blog to Statamic 2 from WordPress. Statamic does not provide a first-party comment solution, and losing the existing comments when migrating to Statamic, or using a third-party service was not an option (to keep comments in-house, and not rely on services supported by advertisement revenue). From there, it became a commercial Statamic addon, and has had versions available for every major Statamic release since.

  • Meerkat 2.1.14-beta3 Released

    Meerkat 2.1.14-beta3 introduced greater control over what data sites collect about users when they submit comments, as well as fixed a few minor bugs. Names and email addresses of comment authors are no longer required :)

  • Meerkat 2.1.13-beta2 Released

    Meerkat 2.1.13-beta2 continues the amazing progress that has been made since the first beta release of Meerkat for Statamic 3. The `beta-2` version suffix will continue until the core is sufficiently stable, and new feature development will begin again with `beta-3`.

  • Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3 Open Beta Begins

    Meerkat 2 is born from the Meerkat 1.5.8x version line. All popular and core features and concepts were brought forward, but an entire rewrite of all fundamental software components was undertaken. Meerkat 2 is the fastest, most stable, and flexible product when comparing Meerkat 1 and Meerkat 2.

  • Meerkat 1.5.87 Released

    Meerkat 1.5.87 continued the trend of minor improvements and important bug fixes in the 1.5.x version of Meerkat for Statamic 2. Meerkat for Statamic 3 had been in heavy, secret development for over six months at this point. The 1.5.8x product line has continued to deliver on important bug fixes and product innovations.

  • Meerkat 1.5 Released

    Meerkat 1.5 provided many improvements and innovations over all previous versions of Meerkat. It introduced a cleaner templating syntax, powerful developer APIs, a simpler installation process, and many, many important bug fixes.

  • A Wild Meerkat Appears

    The first version of Meerkat was released for Statamic 2. It provided the foundation for many great iterations to come, but lacked many things users love today, such as bulk comment operations and a comprehensive spam guard API.