Version 2.0.0-beta1+
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To install Meerkat into a Statamic 3 project using Composer, simply run the following command at the root of your project:

composer require stillat/meerkat

It is highly recommended to use Composer each time to install and keep Meerkat updated.

Important Changes for v2.0.5-beta1

v2.0.5-beta1 made changes to the default configuration. To manually update your configuration, simply change config/meerkat/storage.php and replace:

'tasks' => \Stillat\Meerkat\Core\STorage\Drivers\Local\LocalTaskStorageManager::class,


'tasks' => \Stillat\Meerkat\Core\Storage\Drivers\Local\LocalTaskStorageManager::class,

Double Check Your Installation

The following directories should have been created automatically for you during the installation:

├── meerkat/
├── comments/
├── meerkat/
|   ├── index/
|   ├── logs/
|   ├── tasks/
|   ├── tmp/

Meerkat also creates a new blueprint for you automatically at /resources/blueprints/meerkat.yaml; this should appear automatically for you in the Control Panel when navigating to Fields > Blueprints. It will appear in the "Other" table (or whatever table appears last on that page).

Beta Uninstall Issues

If you are trying to uninstall a Meerkat beta build and continue to run into the following issue (or similar) when starting your app, or running composer dump-autoload:

In ProviderRepository.php line 208:

  Class 'Stillat\Meerkat\ServiceProvider' not found

Follow these steps to manually remove the composer and autoload references:

  1. Locate the vendor/composer/installed.json file and remove the stillat/meerkat reference
  2. Clear the packages and services cache in app/bootstrap/cache

Your composer command should now function again.

Note: If you manually removed everything from Laravel's storage/framework/cache directory and are now receiving the following error:

Failed to clear cache. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions.

The data directory was most likely removed from the framework's cache directory. Simply re-create the following directory: