Product Data Privacy

Version 2.0.0-beta1+
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We feel strongly that website owners and businesses should own and protect the data they store about their customers and visitors - including user engagement data.

No "Phone Home" Requests

Meerkat 2 does not initiate any "phone-home" requests.

Third-Party Data Sharing

By default, Meerkat 2 does not share any information via. third-party API calls. Some features, such as the Akismet spam guard, do require the submission of data to third-parties via. API requests. These features are disabled by default and are opt-in.

For these types of features, site administrators can further limit what data and API requests are made beyond the bare minimum to enable the feature.

Telemetry and Error Log Data

Meerkat 2 collects and stores telemetry and error log data on your servers. This data can be used by site administrators to help identify, diagnose, and resolve issues with their Meerkat installation. This data is never automatically sent to Stillat, LLC or any third-party. Telemetry and error log data is only sent through human interaction and only after the user has an opportunity to review the data that will be sent.

Site administrators can completely disable error log submission prompts.

If you are a developer looking to build custom addons, extensions, or features for Meerkat remember the license forbids the calling of the error submission and telemetry submission APIs through automated means.

Limiting Visitor Data Collection

Meerkat 2.1.14-beta3 made it possible to easily disable what additional data your site collects about visitors when they submit a comment. These settings can be adjusted in the Control Panel. View the User and Visitor Data Privacy article to learn more.