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Frequently asked questions

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Can I still purchase Meerkat 1.5.x for Statamic 2?
You can, but it is highly recommended that you update to the latest Statamic and Meerkat versions if at all possible. If you still need to make a purchase for a client project your wrapping up, you can find it on the Statamic Marketplace. In order to keep things progressing and account for time constraints, Meerkat will support the latest Statamic versions going forward.
Does Meerkat share user data with third-parties?
No. Meerkat runs on your servers. Meerkat does not "phone home", or make third-party API requests by default. Site administrators are in complete control over information sharing. Please consult the Product Data Privacy section of the documentation for more information.
Who does all of this?
Hi there! I'm currently a one-person team who develops and supports Meerkat when I'm not doing the full-time job and family things. I'd also love to get back in the habit of writing articles again soon, but one step at a time :)