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Version 1.5.8+
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You are viewing the documentation for Meerkat version 1 for Statamic 2. The latest version is Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3.

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Meerkat allows developers and consultants to translate the Meerkat Control Panel user interface to meet the language needs of their clients and users. Language strings are contained within the addons/Meerkat/resources/lang directory.

Starting with Meerkat version 1.5.0, Meerkat officially shops with support for American English and French. If you'd like to help translate Meerkat into other languages, please contact us at hello@stillat.com.

Meerkat would like to thank Gilles Cherix for helping to bring French to Meerkat. You should check his website out at www.gillescherix.ch

At the time of writing, the following language files are available:

File Description
actions.php Contains the translation lines for dialog messages, buttons, and actionable items.
comments.php Contains the translation lines for the different comment headers and status items.
errors.php Contains the translation lines for the different error messages displayed throughout the system.
exports.php Contains the translation lines that can be used to customize the CSV export headers.
pagination.php Contains the translation lines used by Meerkat's pagination views.
settings.php Contains the translation lines used by the settings menu.