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Version 1.5.0+
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You are viewing the documentation for Meerkat version 1 for Statamic 2. The latest version is Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3.

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Meerkat provides many of the features that you have come to expect in modern comment management systems. The following image highlights the basic structure of a comment as it appears in the Meerkat comment manager:

At the top of the comment, you will find the name of the post (labeled "1" in the image), the date it was submitted. In the upper-right corner of the comment, you will find a link (labeled "2" in the image) that will take you to the post; depnding on the theme and how Meerkat was implemented, clicking this link will automatically scroll the comment into view.

On the left side of the comment (labeled "3" in the image), you will find basic information about the comment author such as their name, email address, and their website address. On the right side of the comment listing (labeled "4" in the image), you will find the contents of the comment. If the comment was a reply to someone else's comment, a link to that person's comment will also appear here.

Comment Actions

When you hover over a comment, a list of actions will appear underneath the comment (labeled "1" in the image below):

The list of actions that can be taken on an individual comment are:

Action Name Description
Approve Approves the comment, making it available on your site.
Unapprove Unapproves the comment, removing it from your site.
Reply Allows you to write a reply to the comment.
Edit Allows you to edit the contents of the comment.
Spam Flags the comment as spam.
Not Spam Flags the comment as not spam.
Delete Permanently removes the comment from the comment manager and removes it from your site.

Comment actions are hidden by default, and they will appear when you hover over the comment actions. On tablet or phone sized devices, these actions will always be visible to account for tap-driven interfaces.

Replying to Comments