Comments for Statamic done simply

Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3 is a simple, powerful comment and user engagement platform. From simple comment threads, e-course discussions, to product reviews - Meerkat can handle them all and more.

Simple and Powerful

Meerkat is the simplest, and most powerful comment platform for Statamic 2 and Statamic 3 projects.

Wonderfully Integrated

Meerkat 2 integrates perfectly with the Statamic Control Panel; you and your end-users will feel right at home.

Comment Manager
The Control Panel Comment Manager provides all the necessary tools to moderate and reply to comments right from the Control Panel, all with simple and intuitive controls.
Control Panel Configuration
Meerkat configuration can be managed directly from the Statamic 3 Control Panel. Need to prevent clients or end users from changing certain settings? Not a problem; developers and administrators can make any configuration value read-only.
Perfection in Simplicity
The Control Panel experience has been refined to remove needless extra steps, reduce clutter, and more. All of this while maintaining the incredible developer API to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.

Best-in-Class Spam Management

Spam wastes time*, and inappropriate user-submitted content can harm and even destroy a brand's reputation**.

Powerful Guard System
Meerkat ships with a powerful, and extensible spam guard system. By default, it provides support the Akismet service, a word filter, and an IP filter.
Control Moderation Abilities
Easily select which Control Panel users may edit, remove, approve comments, and more. You can even remove the ability for some users to view visitor-submitted comments in the first place.
Reduce Distractions and Hit Inbox Zero
Meerkat 2 makes it easy to not have spam comments hit your email inbox. When email support is configured, it is as simple as toggling a Control Panel switch; when spam is detected, Meerkat will not send you an email.
Meerkat 2 general spam settings.

Simple and Fair Pricing

Unlimited free access to develop and test. You only pay when you need to go live.

Development & Trial Access


Develop, test, and iterate with Meerkat for as long as you'd like.

Production & Client Work

$39 /site

Unveil your creation to the world, distribute projects to clients, and take pride in your work.

Everything you need

All-in-one comments

Meerkat 2 is designed around the 99% use-case, but is incredibly flexible and extensible for the 1%.

Spam Protection
Built-in support for services like Akismet, word filters, and a powerful guard API.
Blazing Fast
Re-engineered from the ground up with performance in mind. Read about part of the journey here.
Meerkat 2 provides an exhaustive developer API; allowing for integrations in even the most demanding projects.
Control Panel Integration
Seamless integration with the Statamic Control Panel—your users will feel at home.
Data Privacy
Meerkat 2 puts you in control of what data is shared with third-parties, and when. Read Product Data Privacy.
Actively Developed
Meerkat 2 is actively developed and maintained for the latest version of Statamic 3. Learn more about versions.

* According to the study "The Cost Impact of Spam Filters: Measuring the Effect of Information System Technologies in Organizations" from IZA Discussion Paper No. 3755, October 2008, spam wastes approximately 1,200 minutes per employee per year.

** Stillat, LLC is not a law-firm and does not offer legal advice. Designing and implementing a proper content moderation policy is a challenging task, and depending on your jurisdiction may have major legal consequences and introduce liabilities for yourself, your company, or organization. You should consult a lawyer before implementing a content moderation policy to best understand what the implications of any such policy may be.