Meerkat for Statamic 2 Documentation

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Welcome to the Meerkat 1 for Statamic 2 documentation! Individual articles are categorized on the left side of the page; and any sub-headings within articles will appear on your right.

Areas of Interest

Getting Started

The Meerkat documentation covers a wide range of audiences. Whether you are a Control Panel user, designer, or veteran developer there is something for you.

Control Panel Users

If you are a Statamic Control Panel user looking to learn how to use Meerkat from within the Control Panel, you should start with the Control Panel Overview article. This article will walk you the absolute basics - such as locating the Meerkat Comments menu option and a brief overview of the Meerkat comment manager.

From there, the next stop should be Managing Comments. Here you will learn how to publish comments, reply, and much more from the Statamic Control Panel.

Designers and Website Developers

If you are a developer looking to integrate Meerkat into a project for yourself or a client, you should start with the Integrating Meerkat article. This article will guide you through implementing your very first, and simple, Meerkat comment thread.

When you are ready to move on, the following resources will prove helpful:

Meerkat Veterans and Addon Developers

If you are a developer looking to learn how more of how Meerkat works, or are just looking to expand your knowledge, you might find the following resources interesting: